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I've just gotten out of a year in in-patient and partial hospitalization treatment for my eating disorder...not by choice. I'm fatter then I have ever been, although no one will tell me how much I weigh. I've decided to start a fast in spite of everyone that has been telling me for the last year that I need to get better. Doing this under the close watch of my 2 therapists (Jennifer and Tracy) my dietician (Nancy) my doctor (Dr. Rome) and my shrink (Dr. Warren)... I'm into calling my people by their names... anyways, it's going to be hard. If anyone has any ideas of how to get passed having red flags show up in blood work or how to hide weights on you when you're naked, places to hide a scale, anything, I would love it! And the support for my fast would be greatly appreciated.

Breakfast- 12 oz. coffe 1 tbsp cream
Lunch- broccoli and cheese (purged)

Now- off to work out.
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